Gelotto Newsletter 04FEB23

Gelotto Newsletter 04FEB23

Edition #015

Feb 8, 2023ยท

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Gelotto Events

Super Bowl Squares are here!

Gelotto's lead developer and co-founder @flyingOsterich has created a smart contract and a front-end component for a sports squares game. There will be a public square game with Gelotto and also a private use setting that you can download and use with friends. The squares tool can be used year-round for any sporting event. The Squares game is built on common backend infrastructure that Gelotto can reuse when implementing new types of games in the future

Burn it!! Gelotto Shoppe NFTs

Max supply for series 1 is capped at 840 NFTs.

The remainder of the un-minted Gelotto Shoppe series 1 NFTs, were burned on January 31st, 2023!!

This benefits holders since the portion of the 1% rake will be larger per NFT owned!!

Cream Queens Release

Cream Queens are strong, sexy ladies who represent women from this planet and beyond. A representation of beauty that comes from all walks of life. They may vary in their colors, shapes, sizes, and birth planets but they are all beautiful and they all kick ass!

The set of 358 Cream Queens were raffled to Gelotto Shoppe series 1 NFT holders and Mostro del Gelotto NFT holders. Cream Queens are now tradable on Stargaze Marketplace. Utility to be announced!!

Gelotto's Crew3 is now active

Check it out here. There is some serious competition for these awesome prizes!!! This Sprint ends February 11th!

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January 11th spaces

January 19th spaces

Weekly Poker Schedule

Play in the qualifier games Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1:00 PM UTC and 8:00 AM UTC. The winner earns free entry into the final game on Sunday at 8:00 PM UTC! Click here to find out how to join.

The final game's minimum prize pool is $250.00 USD.

Gelotto is also hosting weekend cash games Friday through Sunday all day and all night!

Merch Store Now Open

In celebration of our grand opening, we are offering a 15% discount to everyone for a limited time. Use the coupon code NEWYEAR23 to get the discount. The official website is

Juno Growth DAO Proposal

Gelotto is addressing feedback before putting the proposal on-chain. We are developing tools and generating data that will add value to the Juno chain as a whole. Everything will be open source and will provide valuable model information and save other developers time. Our apps will bootstrap new developers. Right now there is no existing code library, everything has to be made from scratch. Gelotto is aiming to leave tools behind that are useful and helpful for the Juno chain as a whole. Gelotto wants to build on Juno during the bear market. Right now we are building non-complex games with zero barrier entry. These games will be on mobile so people can play anywhere. Everything will be built on-chain without databases to ensure the future of the project.

Wynd Dex is out

Wynd stakers, be sure to vote to add Wynd incentives to the GLTO pool! Only the top 10 pools receive incentives each week. The Gelotto team will be adding external incentives to the pool soon.

Gelotto is hiring!!

Attention social media mavens! Are you a marketing pro with a knack for growing brands? If so, we want you to join our team as a Social Media Manager! If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, Join Discord and open a ๐ŸŽซ-ticket to chat or contact us on Twitter.

If you know someone who might be a great fit, please connect us - we're always on the lookout for top talent.

NFT Information and Updates

Gelotto Shoppe NFTs

Mostro del Gelotto NFTs

Cream Queens

Distributed via raffle to Gelotto Shope series 1 and Mostro del Gelotto holders! Utilities TBA! Some alpha dropped on Twitter: We plan to tie these into a game in the near future. Holding any of our NFTs will always give you some kind of reward/utility people didn't initially know about.

[REDACTED] series

Coming soon!

Dev Update

  • Sports squares have been released for testing!

    • We're getting ready to release a homepage for Party Squares, Gelotto's take on the popular Superbowl Squares betting game. It will be powered by a new internal smart contract that lets us keep all of the data and logic that powers the app on chain instead of in a central database, like traditional web apps do. Going forward, we'll be able to create new types of games and other things, like user account contracts, much faster because we have a way of easily and efficiently querying collections of contracts to display in the app.
  • Lottery Frontend

    • We made a handful of subtle stylistic improvements to the lotteries and added the ability to add descriptions to each one, where we can provide additional information that might be important for players to know, like whether there's an NFT in the pot
  • Collaborations

    • We're also in initial talks with a couple of other blockchains out there, Cudos and Archway, who both want us to deploy contracts on their networks.


  • Be sure to check out the new Lottery page (the first part of v2). More features coming soon with v2 release.

  • Play the month-long JUNO lotto!

  • There are several lottery games lasting from hours to days. Test your luck and see how much you can win here

Poker Payout Structure

New payout structure moving forward:

Once $250 USD (or other amount stated in the weekly poker instructions) is reached, 50% goes to the prize pool and the other 50% will be used to mint Gelotto Shoppe NFTs. All minted Gelotto Shoppe NFTs will be raffled off to participants in the final game. If there is not enough to mint a full NFT, the funds will roll over to the next final game.

Here is the payout structure chart

Read more about Gelotto Poker here



  • All fairdrops (except EVMOS) are automatically sent to your derived Juno address via monthly snapshot

    • EVMOS requires a one-time "magic transaction" to link your Juno wallet. After the Evmos "magic transaction" is complete you will automatically get your Gkey fair drop for EVMOS during the future monthly snapshots.


    • All snapshots are publicly posted on Gelotto Github

  • Minimum staking values for monthly Gkey Airdrop


    • Hold:
      10k $GLTO in either Osmosis or Juno to earn monthly GKEY fair drops.
      35 ATOM
      50 JUNO
      1,000 STARS
      69 EVMOS
      100 OSMO
      100 KUJI
      250 TORI
      50 JKL
      500,000 Chihuahua
      600 Rebus
      400 Stride

    • All of the above chains have a Gelotto Validator and a separate GKEY drop. Stake the minimum amount to Gelotto's Validator to receive Gkey in your Juno wallet.

Validator Stats and Votes

Gelotto to become an IBC Validator hub

Help support decentralization and earn Gkey rewards for staking with us! Click on the icons in the picture below for a link to Gelotto's validator page for each chain.