Super Bowl Squares with Gelotto

Super Bowl Squares with Gelotto

In advance of the U.S. Super Bowl game (February 12, 2023 -- The championship game for the NFL -- American football for those who are unfamiliar), Gelotto has created an on-chain Super Bowl Squares game. While Gelotto intends to run one or more Squares games for the upcoming Super Bowl, this interface is not limited to this event and may be used for a variety of game types, as described below.


How does the game work?

  • A 10x10 grid is presented (100 squares), each row corresponding to a digit 0-10, and each column corresponding to a digit 0-10. The rows will be associated with one team playing in the Super Bowl, while the columns will be associated with the other team

  • A player purchases one or more squares, each square representing a bet on the last digit of each team's score at various points during the game. The assets spent by each player to purchase each of the squares become the prize pool for the game. (10% of the prize pool is retained by Gelotto to fund future games)

  • At the end of each quarter of play, if the last digit in each team's scores matches the numbers represented by a purchased square, the player who purchased that square wins a portion of the prize pool

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How are prizes paid out?

  • At the end of the first quarter of play, 5% of the prize pool is paid to the purchaser of the winning square, if applicable

  • At the end of the second quarter, 15%

  • At the end of the third quarter, 30%

  • At the end of the fourth quarter (the end of the game), 50%

  • For the first three quarters of play, if no player has purchased the winning square, the portion of the prize pool that would have been won rolls over to the subsequent quarters, split proportionally based on the percentages above

  • For the final quarter of play, if no player has purchased the winning square, players will be refunded the remaining portion of the prize pool

Game Variations

  • Squares may be randomized or fixed. If randomized, players purchase one or more squares without knowing the numerals that correspond to each row and column. If fixed, players may select squares that correspond to desired numerals (such as scores that more commonly occur in games of American football)

  • Square prices may be uniform or variable. If uniform, all purchase prices are identical (suitable if squares are randomized). If variable, purchase prices for specific squares may be selected by the game creator or weighted based on statistical or historical values. For example, squares that correspond to values more likely to occur in football games may have a higher purchase price than squares that include unlikely values

  • The ability to purchase a square may be restricted to a single player or be permitted to a selected number of players. If a winning square is purchased by multiple players, the prize for that square is divided equally among each player

  • Prize distributions may be customized. For example, the prize pool may include a single distribution at the end of the game, or may be split among quarters (or halves or periods or an arbitrary time period) in any desired percentages. The ability for portions of the prize pool that are not won to be rolled over into subsequent time periods or refunded to players is also customizable

How do I access the Gelotto Squares Games?

  • Gelotto is currently running games internally among its Discord community for test purposes - stay tuned for upcoming games and variations

  • Because a few football games remain before the Super Bowl, Gelotto will be running Squares games for these football games as well -- join Gelotto's Discord and follow Gelotto on Twitter to receive information for participating in these games