Gelotto 3 Years: We Must Evolve

Gelotto 3 Years: We Must Evolve


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Gelotto is nearing its third anniversary, and what a journey it has been! Daniel and I birthed this idea before the the $LUNA crash, nurtured it through a challenging bear market, and steadfastly pursued our dream amidst a sweeping crackdown by the U.S. government on the crypto industry—from the incarceration of developers to the attacks on both centralized exchanges and major DEFI protocols. Indeed, the landscape has shifted dramatically, but our vision remains unwavering.

Our Vision: To establish Gelotto as a pioneering, decentralized Web3 software company, wholly governed and owned by our DAO. Our mission is simple yet ambitious: to create engaging, desirable products that generate revenue. This revenue fuels our core assets through mechanisms like 'Staking As The House' and Core NFTs, which lie at the heart of the Gelotto ecosystem. All revenue from our diverse protocols—ranging from Dapps and NFTs to real-world enterprises—feeds back into these core assets.

In pursuit of fresh milestones and broader recognition, we introduced the Grand Prize Events. A small fraction of all activity will fund these spectacular events, aiming to draw even greater attention to the Gelotto Protocol. We launched with $GKEY, offering 1,000 rare keys that will unlock prize boxes filled with treasures ranging from BTC to tangible assets. The quest becomes progressively challenging as each box opened escalates the cost to access the subsequent ones, culminating in a grand treasure. All roads lead to $GKEY, as we continue to expand our products and generate more revenue to make this event possible.

Navigating Web3’s Expansion: The road to greater adoption of Web3 is paved with increasing capital flow, regulatory frameworks, and a surge of Web2 users transitioning into our space. This year, our focus is on DEFI products with gamified elements while we fortify the legal structure around the Gelotto DAO. This ensures compliance with local laws and facilitates scalable, decentralized operations.

Being fully self-funded by Daniel and I, our commitment to leveraging Web3’s potential remains strong. Our priorities for this year include expanding our product offerings to enhance user experience and revenue, which will enable us to hire more developers. These products include:

  • Gelotto Threads: A social hub

  • Fair Token Launch Platform

  • BEAST and Fractional NFTs: Platforms for dynamic and fractionalized NFT trading, providing options to borrow, lend, and create vaults.

  • Prediction Markets: Utilizing human oracles for degen fun.

These initiatives are designed to integrate seamlessly, enhancing our ecosystem’s synergy and reinforcing the value captured by $GLTO stakers and Core NFT holders.

Refining Games of Chance: This year, we will refine our existing games such as Gelotto Max and Sports Square, and introduce V2 of Mortal Koinbat and video poker. We will not be adding any more games/products to our roadmap this year, our focus will be polishing and enhancing the above Dapps & games.

We will also pause the launch of new 'Staking as the House' supporting other assets. All of our focus this year will be on increasing the value for $GLTO SATH and our Core NFTs. In the future once Gelotto is at a 25 million dollar MC, we will expand SATH to support liquid assets like stINJ, stOSMO, and etc.

Brooklyn Truth: When I first joined a startup, the founder often spoke of building a '100-year company'—something memorable and robust. Daniel and I share that long-term view for Gelotto. By funding ourselves, we've been able to lay a solid foundation with direct community involvement and now, we're ready to gradually transition decision-making to the DAO. This step is crucial as it epitomizes the decentralized ethos of Web3, allowing users to steer Gelotto's future.

Gelotto is our moonshot. We’re just two Brooklyn boys with a passion for this vast, challenging arena of blockchain and crypto, pushing to make a significant dent. Thanks to everyone who believes in this dream and continues to support us. Change is both terrifying and essential, but Gelotto will keep adapting, striving to not just survive but thrive as a century-spanning enterprise in the Web3 revolution. Thanks for being with us on this wild ride. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries together.