Off-Site Poker Games with Gelotto

Off-Site Poker Games with Gelotto


Recently, the Gelotto community has begun to play poker games on an off-site platform while the official Gelotto platform is being built. People love poker, and the Gelotto development team decided that since other project milestones precede creating a poker platform, why wait?

Poker remains on the roadmap for the official Gelotto platform, but in the interim, it is intended for off-site poker games among community members to bridge the gap.


Current Platform and Game Types

Poker games are currently played using the ClubGG app, though other platforms may be explored in the future. The app is available for both desktop and mobile devices. Once downloaded, join Gelotto's club (Club ID: 941451).

Upcoming games are visible through the ClubGG app. Games are also announced through Gelotto's Discord and Twitter. Game chips for participation in the games may be acquired through Gelotto's Discord (or sent automatically) if the requirements to join (described below) are met.

Going forward, Gelotto will host two general types of games:

  1. Community Games

  2. "Bring Your Own Chip" Games


Community Games

  • Community poker games may include different variations and rules that will be stated when the game is announced, such as particular poker variations, multi-game tournaments, etc.

  • For each community game, Gelotto typically contributes a small prize pool that is awarded to the winner, or divided among multiple winners

  • Each community game will have a participation requirement: Delegate a selected amount of assets (stated when the game is announced) to one of Gelotto's validators (Juno, Stars, Evmos - Keplr, Evmos - Metamask, Osmo, Kuji, Tori). Include your ClubGG username in the memo for the staking transaction to receive game chips for the game

  • Game chips are typically sent soon after the transaction, but if delays occur or a transaction appears to have been missed, inform the Gelotto team using Gelotto's Discord to receive game chips for the game

  • This is not a participation fee -- the poker player retains ownership of the delegated assets and may collect staking rewards, undelegate, or redelegate these assets as permitted by the network/blockchain where the assets are delegated

  • Ownership of one or more Gelotto Shoppe NFTs entitles the owner to Gelotto VIP status

  • A community member having Gelotto VIP status may participate without completing the participation requirement -- simply inform the Gelotto team using Gelotto's Discord to have VIP status verified and receive game chips for the game

  • Participation in some community games may be offered exclusively to VIP members of Gelotto's community


"Bring Your Own Chip" Games

  • Bring Your Own Chip (BYOC) games require each player to purchase and burn a Gelotto poker chip NFT of a selected value (stated when the game is announced) in order to participate

  • Send the announced number of STARS to: stars1h9jcpdcxjg2kyzt5y70cme4dfgrtx58tdfjgsy

  • Gelotto will send a Gelotto poker chip NFT of the corresponding value to the wallet from which the STARS were received (invalid amounts of stars will be returned to the sending wallet)

  • To participate in a BYOC game, access the purchased Gelotto poker chip NFT on Stargaze, burn the Gelotto poker chip NFT, and include your clubGG username in the memo for the burn transaction

  • Send the transaction hash for the burn transaction to the Gelotto team using Gelotto's Discord to receive game chips for the BYOC game

  • Optionally, to participate in an upcoming game immediately, participants may send the announced number of stars to the address above and include their clubGG username and the words "+ burn" in the memo for the transaction. Gelotto will then burn the poker chip NFT on the participant's behalf and send game chips to the participant

  • 85% of the value of the burned Gelotto poker chip NFTs will be added to the prize pool for the BYOC poker game -- BYOC games allow for much larger prize pools than the prizes typically provided by Gelotto, with the size of the pool being proportional to the number of players

  • Gelotto may optionally add additional assets to the prize pools for selected BYOC games

  • VIP status does not apply to most BYOC games, but Gelotto may optionally host BYOC games that are free or reduced-price for VIP community members