Gelotto + Cosmos Coin Flip

Gelotto + Cosmos Coin Flip


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Enhancing Cosmos Coin Flip: Exciting Updates and Future Plans

Cosmos Coin Flip is the premier coin flip game for the $STARS network, offering a simple and engaging experience. Players can wager using a variety of assets, including $STARS, $ATOM, $KUJI, and more. A portion of the rewards generated is returned to holders of the Cosmos Coin Flip NFTs, adding extra value for participants.

Due to real-world obligations, the current Cosmos Coin Flip team is unable to continue maintaining the project. They have entrusted us with this incredible DApp, and we are excited to elevate it to new heights. Our commitment is to uphold the existing agreements with NFT holders while introducing exciting new features and integrations.

Our roadmap includes several key enhancements:

  1. Staking As The House (SATH): This feature will allow players to stake their tokens + use it for liquidity, adding a new layer of engagement and rewards.

  2. Integration with PampIT: Graduated tokens on PampIT will soon be usable in the game, expanding the options for players.

  3. New Game Types: We plan to introduce diverse game types to keep the experience fresh and exciting.

Our immediate priority is to upgrade the contract version to ensure seamless gameplay without errors. Stay tuned for an updated roadmap with more details on these upcoming improvements. Exciting times are ahead for Cosmos Coin Flip!