The Gelotto Token (GLTO) – A Brief Summary

The Gelotto Token (GLTO) – A Brief Summary

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·Aug 21, 2022·

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What is the Gelotto Token (GLTO)?

  • GLTO is the native token for the Gelotto platform, which hosts cryptocurrency lottery games (launching September 2022), with future plans to expand to include other games of chance. (Link: Gelotto Whitepaper)

Token Address




  • Max Supply: 420,690,000
  • 60% distributed via airdrop to holders of ATOM, JUNO, OSMO, SCRT, STARS, and NETA
  • 15% distributed as incentives to liquidity providers
  • 15% distributed as incentives on the Gelotto platform and through community events
  • 10% distributed to developers, vesting over 36 months


How to acquire GLTO


Uses for GLTO

  • Play games of chance on the Gelotto platform using GLTO to purchase tickets or place bets
  • Hold a selected amount of GLTO (currently 10,000) to receive monthly airdrops of Gelotto Keys (GKEY), Gelotto’s rare secondary asset used in its annual Grand Prize game (Link: Gelotto Grand Prize Game)
  • Provide GLTO as liquidity in GLTO liquidity pools to receive incentives
  • Stake GLTO “as the house” or with Gelotto DAO (both coming soon) to receive incentives
  • Buy, sell, and trade GLTO using GLTO liquidity pools, and possibly other means
  • Spend or burn a small amount of GLTO to create a game having custom parameters (pending testing)
  • Purchase Gelotto assets or merchandise (future expansion)


Pricing Information

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