Gelotto Newsletter 24NOV2022

Gelotto Newsletter 24NOV2022

Edition #009


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Gelotto Events

  • Gelotto to become an IBC Validator hub

    Gelotto continues to spin up validators, not only to generate income for prize pools and the Grand Prize game one year from the platform launch date, but to support the IBC networks

    Currently validating on the following chains

    Newest Gelotto Validators on REBUS and STRIDE

  • Each New Gelotto Validator provides delegators more chances to get free Gkey. Profits from validator commission increases the value of Grand Prize chests!

    Gkey will be needed to participate and to open Grand Prize chests worth a minimum of $55,000 USD!
    See List of Validators and Gkey information

  • New Gelotto NFTs Collections coming soon.

    420 Gelotto Shoppe Collection: This collection will entitle the holders to 1% of the House Rake, similar to the 1000 collection but the 1% is only split 420 ways. Awesome art made by Goodies vs Baddies!

    Gelotto Monster or "Mostro del Gelotto" will be fun but will still have use cases and rewards. One of the use cases will be custom avatars in Gelotto's v2 gaming platform. More alpha on this soon. Amazing art by Skrilla and Cydia!

Gelotto Shoppe NFT Update

Dev Update

  • Lottery v2 will have the following updates

    - Tournament-style lotteries with multiple rounds, pots that spill over into the next round, distinct ticket price and other parameters.
    - Ability to add external incentives, like NFT's and other tokens
    - Ability to specify custom royalty recipients to share a % of ticket proceeds
    - Ability to cancel games and refund orders
    - Storage of theme data in the contract to make it possible to create a better game listing page
    - Ability for a game to end upon reaching a target funding level or number of tickets sold
    - Games that auto reset or loop with repeating rounds
    - Ability for games to autocomplete upon reaching one or more targets, including target ticket count, target, wallet count, and target date
    - Optionally public lucky messages to be displayed on the game page

    ETA for Gelotto Version 2 Platform: December 2022

    Shortly after v.2 rolls out, testing is planned for allowing regular investors to spend Glto to start a lottery game with custom parameters.

  • More analytics about our Validators and Game Stats to be shared on our main website in the coming months

  • Gelotto devs continue to build during the bear market!


  • There will be a weekly Gelotto Lottery on the games page. This weeks lottery will run from Sunday to Sunday and costs 2500 GLTO per ticket. With a ticket cap of 4 tickets per wallet

    Click here to enter this Sunday's lotto ending November 27th

  • Congrats to last Sunday's Gelotto Lotto Winners! There were 13 total winners who received 14,676 GLTO each. Total Pot Prize was 212,000 GLTO (~$300.00)!

  • There are several lottery games lasting from hours to days. Test your luck and see how much you can win here

  • Weekly schedule for Gelotto Poker

    Three weekly VIP games and two weekend buy in games. Please give feedback about this format in Discord.

    Read More Here

vipweekly.png weekend poker.png

Weekly Shout Out

Delegate With Gelotto Validators

  • Minimum staking values for monthly Gkey Airdrop

    10k $GLTO in either Osmosis or Juno to earn monthly GKEY fairdrops.
    35 ATOM
    50 JUNO
    1,000 STARS
    69 EVMOS
    100 OSMO
    100 KUJI
    250 TORI
    50 JKL
    500,000 Chihuahua
    600 Rebus
    400 Stride
    All of the above chains have a Gelotto Validator and a separate Gkey drop. Stake the minimum amount to Gelotto's Validator to receive Gkey in your Juno wallet.

Validator Votes