Gelotto Newsletter 19OCT2022

Gelotto Newsletter 19OCT2022

Edition #004


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Gelotto Shoppe NFT Update

  • 636 out of 1000 minted

  • Floor price is around 2600 STARS

  • There are still One Piece 1:1 NFTs available to Mint


Shout Out to BadKids NFTs


For bringing more new people into Cosmos and also for helping pump up STARS!!!

Other News

  • UK Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned due to disliked market/budget/tax situation. Bank of Japan begins emergency bond buying amidst 10% inflation. Turkey slashes interest rates despite 83% inflation rate. It's rough out there.

  • An anonymous whale bought almost 50k BTC this week. Whales are accumulating while the market crabs.

  • Walmart CTO declared "Crypto will become an important part of how customers transact." Future adoption?

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