Gelotto Weekly Newsletter 05OCT2022

Gelotto Weekly Newsletter 05OCT2022

Edition #002


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Table of Contents

Important Events

NFT Update

  • 576 out of 1000 minted

  • Floor price is around 2500 STARS

  • There are still 4 One Piece 1:1 NFTs left to Mint


Dev Update

  • (screenshot below) We set up monitoring so we can more proactive about the issues folks are seeing on the platform
  • We're working on more detailed error messages for airdrop claims, so it doesn't feel like such a black box, ETA next few days
  • We're building a new "Games" page where you'll be able to see all ongoing games at a glance, along with current pot sizes, # of players, etc. It will be a big improvement over the existing list of games, ETA within the next 2 weeks
  • We are making our platform mobile-friendly (ETA within the next 3 weeks) and building the tooling and frameworks to help us iterate faster on the frontend
  • We are partnering once again with NotsNFTs, the geniuses behind our first NFT collection, to create a new dynamic NFT-based racing game, ETA end of Q4 / Early Q1
  • We're working with WebGL developers to build our first dice game, ETA mid-November

In general, our priorities right now are improving our platform, mobile, and MORE GAMES. If there is something you feel we should be prioritizing which I have not mentioned, let us know. Share your honest and candid feedback and we will adjust our roadmap accordingly.


Shout Out to SSR

Other News

  • Kardashian's pay the SEC 1.25 million for shilling crypto on Instagram

  • Atom 2.0 coming under fire due to the treasury vs. staking debate

  • Bitcoin had a small bear market rally to just above 20k and other cryptos followed

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