Gelotto Newsletter 12OCT2022

Gelotto Newsletter 12OCT2022

Edition #003


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Gelotto Shoppe NFT Update

  • 620 out of 1000 minted

  • Floor price is around 2700 STARS

  • There are still 3 One Piece 1:1 NFTs available to Mint

  • Congrats to the LUCKY Minter who got this beauty 1piecemint.png


Day One of the Weeklong Poker Tournament is complete!

Leaderboard is out

Leaderboard day 2.png

Click for Poker sign up instructions

  • Leaderboard for games coming in V2

  • Congrats to all the lucky Lottery Winners!

  • Catch up on last week's Dev Update

    (Games section)

Shout Out to Sskwad

for working on such a brilliant collaboration with Sunnyside Reapers, WadSquad, Stargaze Kingdoms, Starty, & Cutie Rawrz to create an amazing collection of Spooky banners on Stargaze!

Mint one!


Other News

  • Fed CPI report coming out Thursday and the crypto market stagnating a bit as everyone waits for the numbers.

  • USTC is up to 6.2 cents now due to rumors that there is some plan among the Luna Classic community to regain its $1 peg. Most serious investors think Lunc and Ustc are just memecoins now, but we all remember what happened with Doge and Gamestop.

  • IBC enthusiasts are looking hard at Rebus and Teritori as the next high APR entrants to the ecosystem. Rebus is about to open Osmosis pool 813 for trading in a few days. Tori is also paying over 700% APR to early stakers, though APRs for both of these are expected to decrease sharply as more investors jump in.

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