Gelotto partners with SmartNodes to launch Gelotto validators for IBC assets

Gelotto partners with SmartNodes to launch Gelotto validators for IBC assets


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What is Gelotto:

Gelotto is a luck-based gaming platform -- a decentralized casino, built on the Juno network. Launching Q3 2022, Gelotto will initially offer lottery games for various IBC assets. Future expansions will include other games of chance, such as blackjack, slots, and more.

In addition to standard lottery games, Gelotto will offer a weekly Mega Jackpot game and an annual Grand Prize game, which are funded using a portion of each prize pool from the standard games, as well as other revenues, such as NFT sales and validator commissions.

Link: Gelotto Whitepaper

What is SmartNodes:

SmartNodes is an infrastructure provider for Proof-Of-Stake blockchains and decentralized projects. SmartNodes uses enterprise-grade servers, globally distributed across state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly datacenters.

Smartnodes’ infrastructure is secured with multilayer security features that use private connectivities and public sentry nodes to mitigate network attacks, and a mix of software and hardware key management solutions. Smartnodes maintains continued backups and failsafe measures, 24/7 monitoring, and experienced internal protocols to maximize uptime and security.

Link: SmartNodes Website

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Gelotto to launch its validators, backed by SmartNodes technology, beginning Q3 2022

As part of its roadmap, Gelotto intends to launch validators on the JUNO, OSMO, and STARS networks initially, and potentially other networks in the future.

Link: Gelotto Year 1 Roadmap

Gelotto has initiated partnerships with various entities across the IBC ecosystem and has chosen to launch its platform in this ecosystem due to the active and interconnected community. Gelotto intends for its platform to attract investment and interest to the IBC ecosystem, and to be an active part of the IBC community.

Therefore, Gelotto intends to assist in securing multiple IBC networks through staking, and to participate in governance of these networks. Commissions received through validators may be used to fund various aspects of the Gelotto platform, including incentivizing various prize pools.

SmartNodes is also highly rooted in the Cosmos/IBC community, active across multiple networks, and has made its expertise and experience available throughout the IBC ecosystem. Smartnodes is committed to contributing and giving back to the ecosystems and communities of which it is a part.

The SmartNodes team includes diverse individuals with expertise in Information Technology, finance, marketing, and legal areas, working together to build the future of web3 alongside the IBC community. SmartNodes works to build strong communities and partnerships while providing high quality infrastructure and extensive experience in the area of IBC validators.

Backed by the expertise of the SmartNodes team, Gelotto will launch its first validator, on the Juno network, by the end of Q3 2022, with other validators to follow. To incentivize participation on both the Juno network and the Gelotto platform, Gelotto will distribute a portion of its secondary GKEY token to delegators that stake a minimum of 50 JUNO.

Both Gelotto and SmartNodes are extremely excited for this partnership to take root, and to expand the high-quality, best-in-class validator options available to the IBC community.