Gelotto Newsletter

Gelotto Newsletter

Edition #012


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Gelotto Events

Merch Store Coming Soon!!

All VIP members (Gelotto Shoppe NFT owners) will get a discount on current and future merchandise!

Mostro del Gelotto Minted out in about 2 hours!

Grab one on the Tori Marketplace

There are only 200 Mostros to be traded (14 are team PFPs for the new v2 platform)

View Mostro Statistics on the website

  • GKEY will be dropped to the winners next week!

  • All NFTs have a Small boost on the gaming platform when using $Tori as the in-game asset.

  • More benefits and alpha to be announced later!

Gelotto Shoppe NFT Update

  • 647 out of 1000 minted

  • The floor price is around 1,700 STARS

  • The Gelotto Shoppe NFT series will entitle the holder to a portion of the House Rake for all games across the Gelotto Platform. As Gelotto grows, so does the value of these NFTs.

  • NFT rewards will be available to claim (Q4/Q1)

Gelotto to become an IBC Validator hub

Help support decentralization and earn Gkey rewards for staking with us!

Dev Update

Mobile Lottery Creator Tool

Create your own lottery and earn royalties from the prize pot!!

The custom game creator allows the user to set the royalties they wish to receive from the prize pot along with background colors, button colors, ticket supply, ticket price, time limits, and game rules.


  • Be sure to check out the new Holiday Lottos. There will be 7 lottos, one ending every day until Christmas. The one ending on December 25th is a $USDC lottery.

  • There will be a weekly Gelotto Lottery on the games page that runs from Sunday to Sunday.

  • Check out the new WYND Lotto

  • There are several lottery games lasting from hours to days. Test your luck and see how much you can win here

    Poker Schedule



  • Elon Musk allegedly to step down as head of Twitter.

  • Numerous metrics indicating crypto buy zone/bottom (BTC as oversold as it's ever been, recent MACD cross - historically followed by large pump), but macroeconomic conditions are poor leading investors to question whether this time is different.

  • Digital Currency Group (DCG), parent company of Grayscale, is selling off assets - primarily altcoins, but a portion of Grayscale trust BTC (they own 600k) may be sold next.

  • US Senate banking chair suggests the outright banning of crypto in the US due to FTX, also citing that that crypto is dangerous, a threat to national security, used for drug/human trafficking, and supports terrorism.

  • CBDC test programs cropping up in various countries. Will the banks suddenly default and not have your fiat while the government steps in and issues CBDCs to everybody to save the day, ushering in a new era?


  • All fairdrops (except EVMOS) are automatically sent to your derived Juno address via monthly snapshot

    • EVMOS requires a one-time "magic transaction" to link your Juno wallet. After the Evmos "magic transaction" is complete you will automatically get your Gkey fair drop for EVMOS during the future monthly snapshots.

    • All snapshots are publicly posted on Gelotto Github

  • Minimum staking values for monthly Gkey Airdrop

    • Hold:
      10k $GLTO in either Osmosis or Juno to earn monthly GKEY fair drops.
      35 ATOM
      50 JUNO
      1,000 STARS
      69 EVMOS
      100 OSMO
      100 KUJI
      250 TORI
      50 JKL
      500,000 Chihuahua
      600 Rebus
      400 Stride

    • All of the above chains have a Gelotto Validator and a separate GKEY drop. Stake the minimum amount to Gelotto's Validator to receive Gkey in your Juno wallet.

Gelotto Validator Votes