Gelotto: A Game-Changer in the World of Blockchain

Gelotto: A Game-Changer in the World of Blockchain

A Brief Overview


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In the rapidly advancing realms of blockchain and online gaming, a new power in innovation emerges -- Gelotto.

Gelotto's unique approach to blockchain is poised to redefine the way we perceive both passive income and traditional casino operations in Web 3 and beyond.

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Live Games

NFT Raffles:

Create your own NFT Raffle or buy tickets and win an NFT at a fraction of the cost.

Legacy Lotteries:

The classic lottery experience gets a digital touch. Players can use GLTO to buy tickets and have a chance to win big. Enjoy an enticing blend of the traditional lottery experience infused with the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

Gelotto Max :

Powerball-style lottos where you can supercharge your lottery experience with bigger jackpots and heightened thrills. Pick 1, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5 Lottos.

Mortal Koinbat:

Think coinflip, but with a Gelotto twist. Players can engage in thrilling coinflip battles, competing for GLTO and other valuable prizes.


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Fantasy Football

While the Fantasy Football season is underway, you can still earn passive rewards with our Gelotto Football League 2023 NFTs.

Sports Squares

Football and Basketball sports squares are LIVE. This game allows you to predict the winning scores from a grid of squares.

Discord Casino

The Discord Casino is OPEN! Participation is available to all by claiming the Discord Casino role. VIPs and Owners can also claim extra free chips. For those who love to compete, you can pick up the current season of Discord Casino NFT on Stargaze. The Discord Casino NFTs allow the holder to claim a larger amount of chips and compete for thousands of dollars in prizes.

Games in Beta Testing

Prediction Market

Animal Racing


Understanding the Gelotto Token GLTO

Gelotto isn't just another platform; it's a revolution. At its core is GLTO, Gelotto's proprietary cryptocurrency. This isn't just another coin to trade; it's the engine that powers the entire Gelotto experience, driving transactions and offering users a way to earn passively. GLTO is a non-inflationary token and all rewards are from real yield.

Gelotto is the pioneering Casino built on Cosmos, soon to be interoperable with ETH. ETH will become the liquidity layer for Gelotto, with the Cosmos ecosystem serving as the application layer, seamlessly bridging these two massive ecosystems!

Beyond Gaming: Earning GLTO Passively from Real Yield

Gelotto Shoppe NFT Ownership

Become a VIP and earn Monthly passive income for holding any Series 1, Series 2 or Series 3 Gelotto Shoppe NFTs. Holding a 1:1 from any of these 3 collections will grant the Owner role, allowing for even more passive income and other amazing benefits.


SATH allows holders of the GLTO token to participate in the Gelotto platform by playing the role of "the house". When holders stake their GLTO as the house, this pool of GLTO becomes the house's money, against which games of chance are played. When a game against the house is won, GLTO is taken from each of the stakers (proportional to the amount of each stake relative to the total amount of GLTO in the pool) and sent to the winning player. When a game against the house is lost, the GLTO that was bet by the losing player is distributed to each staker (proportional to the amount of each staker's stake, as above). More information.

Beyond Gaming: Gelotto's NFT Label

Bridging the gap between traditional artists/content creators and Web3. We're here to offer the tools, mentorship, and resources to empower not just creators, but the next-gen of iconic brands.

Beyond Gaming: Gelotto's Validators

Part of Gelotto's mission is to secure multiple blockchains and to promote decentralization. Gelotto will expand active validator sets in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond!


Gelotto is more than just a gaming platform. With GLTO as its digital fuel, it offers a range of thrilling games, passive income opportunities, and a sense of community that promises to redefine the online gaming experience. As Gelotto continues to evolve and expand its offerings, it stands as a beacon of innovation in an ever-changing landscape. Gelotto is 100% on-chain, has a doxxed team, and is open-source.

Ready to be part of this game-changing revolution? Join Gelotto today and embark on an adventure where every win is a shared celebration!

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