Gelotto Newsletter 26OCT2022

Gelotto Newsletter 26OCT2022

Edition #005


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Gelotto Events

  • Gelotto VIP Club

vip #005.gif

  • 2 months worth of GKEY has been sent to people who qualify

    We also sent an extra 100 GLTO to every qualifying holder (in addition to their GKEY) due to the inconvenience.Snapshot 2/12 for 10K GLTO holders

Gelotto Shoppe NFT Update

  • 639 out of 1000 minted

  • Floor price is around 2400 STARS

  • There are still One Piece 1:1 NFTs available to Mint

  • NFT rewards will be available to claim (Q4/Q1)
    As soon as the STARS team enables IBC for NFTs, we will push out an updated timeline. We need stargaze to enable IBC so that people can transfer their NFTs to Juno chain to make it easier to claim the rewards.


  • Prizes were distributed to last weeks poker tournament winners! Great fun and Congrats to all! TMNT winnerspng.png

  • Congrats to all the lucky Lottery Winners!

Weekly Shout Out

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Other News

  • US GDP report comes out tomorrow (10/27). Even though inflation is high and the economy feels down, most experts are predicting good numbers for economic growth in the past quarter.

  • After over a month ranging between 18k and 20k, Bitcoin pumped past the 20k resistance level 10/25, bringing the crypto market with it. The crypto market cap is above 1 trillion again. Over a billion dollars in shorts liquidated by the move.

  • Crypto seems to be decoupling from tech stocks for the time being. Nasdaq is down 2% today while bitcoin pumps.

  • Elon's Twitter buy closes on Friday.

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