Gelotto Newsletter 02NOV2022

Gelotto Newsletter 02NOV2022

Edition #006


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Gelotto Events

  • Gelotto VIP Club

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Gelotto Shoppe NFT Update

  • 643 out of 1000 minted

  • Floor price is around 2100 STARS

  • Why own a Gelotto Shoppe NFT? Gelotto NFTs #006.png

  • NFT rewards will be available to claim (Q4/Q1)
    As soon as the STARS team enables IBC for NFTs, we will push out an updated timeline. We need stargaze to enable IBC so that people can transfer their NFTs to Juno chain to make it easier to claim the rewards.


  • There are several lottery games lasting from hours to days. Test your luck and see how much you can win here

Other News

  • The FOMC rate hike doesn't come out until later this pm, and people probably don't actually care

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